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Hi ESP3 Customer,

You will see your NEW updated Business Pro ESP Membership badge in the same place that you download the software from here

YOU are a Business Pro member of Easy Sketch Pro 3 and NOT a Gold member of MDCB. This is what you need to do to be a Gold member of MDCB

The promise via Paul's sales page was for Easy Sketch Pro Gold, we've had to change the name of this now to Easy Sketch Pro Business Pro as people were getting their wires crossed thinking they were due a My Dot Com Business Gold account.

The MDCB Gold account is our high end program which enables you to 70% commissions and also every product that we every bring our "for life" and cannot be compared to Easy Sketch Pro Business Pro.


Paul put a statement out via email (see below) and also I posted a statement on Paul’s Facebook page.

Subject: Test Message - Easy Sketch Pro 3 Members Only - Confusion Sorted...

...Paul Lynch here guys,
We seem to be getting quite alot of support tickets with some
confusion over the "GOLD LEVEL" membership inside my
MyDotComBusiness membership site.

Therefore I have taken the steps to re-name the Easy Sketch Pro 3.0
packages to the following...

• $37 - Starter
• $67 - Business
• $97 - Business Pro

For those of you who were previously on the "GOLD" package you will now see
this in your download area...

It's the exact same package so don't worry we just changed the name...
...because we already have three different levels inside my members area,
that by the way was responsible for generating $3.2 million for me and my members
last year alone!

You can see more about the different levels here:

Hope that clears up the confusion and welcome to the family :)

 Last updated Tue, Sep 15 2015 12:00am

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