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Login Fails: "We are unable to login to your account: Invalid Credentials"

When logging into the new YouTube Robot Tsunami software, you may encounter a message that appears in the login box saying:
"We are unable to login to your account: Invalid Credentials"

This could mean a number of things - follow the steps below to ensure our application can connect with your Youtube/Google account.

1. Make sure you are using your YouTube Login and password - do NOT use your Members Area login email and password; these are not the same as your YouTube account details. Only you know your YouTube login details; we or the software do not retain these.

With your Youtube login details, you will need the software Auth Code, which can be found on the download page for the YouTube Robot Tsunami software:
Login to Members Area, then click My Products -> YouTube Robot Tsunami. On this page, you will see the Auth Code needed to post into the software login box with your YouTube email and password.

It says in bold: ** YOUR SOFTWARE AUTHENTICATION CODE IS: (here will be your alphanumeric code)

2. Ensure you have an active video channel in your Youtube account at

3. Security access - Google restricts access to your account by applications that are not Google developed; this helps prevent unauthorized access to your account. However, as many apps are designed to connect to your Google/Youtube account for extra functionality, these are developed by third party developers such as us and you will need to confirm you wish our app to allow connecting with your account.
Our app is secure and guaranteed - we do not collect any data or private access details at all. Your login details are not stored and you need to enter them every time you open the software.

If you cannot login to YouTube Robot Tsunami, please click this link: (login will be necessary)

It will say: "Access for less secure apps"; check the box that says: "Turn on" - this will allow then the software to connect with your Youtube account and activate the software.

This is standard security precaution for all third party software and in no way compromises your security online.

If you are still unable to login after following the 3 steps above, please raise a support ticket - but the 3 steps will certainly fix most login issues where the Invalid Credentials message appears when attempting to login to the software.


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 Last updated Thu, Feb 6 2014 12:00am

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