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How to get single stroke text elements?

Steps to get single stroke text in ESP using Inkscape:

Setup Inkscape(one time)-
1) Download Inkscape from:
2) Install the plugin Hershey Text from:
3) Unzip the plugin, copy all the contents and paste in <Inkscape installation dir>/share/extensions directory
4) Start Inkscape

Convert text to SVG-
1) Open Inkscape and goto Extensions > Render > Hershey Text
2) Type your text in the input box, select "Typeset that text" in Action and any font from Font-face option.
3) Press Apply and the text will appear on the canvas, press Close on the Hershey Text dialog.
4) Edit > Select All or press (Ctrl + A)
5) Object > Ungroup All or press (Ctrl + Shift + G)
6) File > Save As > Plain SVG

Import that SVG in ESP and you should get single stroke text elements.

 Last updated Thu, Dec 18 2014 1:00am

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