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How Do I Set up Aweber to Complete My Sales Funnels

Please click on the following link for all the information with regards to sales funnels

Here you will see how to create an Aweber list, load the follow up emails using our specially made "Campaign Codes", how to link your Aweber list to your sales funnels and also how to check if the links are working when the Aweber work is complete.

PLEASE NOTE: that some people are having issues with loading their campaign codes. The ONLY reason that the codes will not load is because there will be a gap somewhere in the code when you are loading it.

i.e. if you are loading the MOBE campaign code then "10kpermonthmobe-9054a-$F" will work but "10kpermonthmobe - 9054a - $F" will not. As you can clearly see, there are gaps in the last code and this is the ONLY reason why if will fail. Please ensure that there are no gaps either at the start, in the middle or at the end of the code prior to clicking "Load Campaign".

If you have any further questions then please let us know.

 Last updated Thu, Oct 23 2014 12:00am

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