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I Cannot Find The Email Swipes For The Follow Up Emails?

You can find your email swipes here: MDCB Members Area > Promotional Area > Email Swipes.

Here is the direct link

Please make sure that you click on the "USE NOW" button for the exact product that you're working on as there are different email swipes for different products.

We have also created an Aweber "Campaign Share" for each of our products and the codes can be found below:

The YouTube Tsunami Robot Software = ytrobot2013-26548-$F
The CPA Tsunami = cpatsunami-bf650-$F
The Pay Per Click Tsunami = centclicks-25d43-$F
Easy Sketch Pro Software = easysketchpro-fe8b8-$F
MOBE 10K Income Opportunity = 10kpermonthmobe-9054a-$F
AM Khan Video Ads = awlist3763913-98260-$

To find out how to load this to your Aweber list then please follow the instructions outlined here

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