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Upgrade in MDCB - What To Do

The way we have done the upgrades within MDCB has just changed due to the sheer volume of requests we get and many that are not genuine requests.
Many have not upgraded at Empower and are simply trying to get upgraded without following the procedures.

You MUST make sure that what is being asked of you to qualify for an upgrade has been done AND you have upgraded or signed up with the person and under their Empower Network ID, who is your sponsor within the MDCB.

You can check this by going: Settings -> Profile Summary -> Affiliate Details

The new way will help us verify your upgrade and ensure sponsors are rewarded where applicable.

This means you will need to go back to the Inner Circle Members Area once more and resubmit your request for an upgrade.
Apologies for the inconvenience but with over 100+ requests a day, this is the only way we can handle requests.

 Last updated Wed, Apr 15 2015 12:00am

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